League Table

PosTeam NameOwner NamePtsGSAssCSGA
1stDen's MenBen20629263380
2ndJamie Vardy’s Having A Party FCSam15921242355
4thFreddy HardestAlex13629161659
6thBrooks will tear you apart f.cJenn12117181426
7thTeam NameRogerio12014141928
8thTilly's All-StarsTilly1192781771
9thPlease LuizBodhinaga11917112668
10thThe Brexit BoysJamie1102416953
11thTeam NameNeil1051822844
12thWord SaladRob8922101264
13thScissored Pizzas FCAlistair85239950
14thLong PantsRay72161409
15thIt’s Tough at the TopTed687111761

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After reaching the final with some very high scores, defences were on top in the final and both teams scored fewer points.

However, all that money Sam spent on Pogba proved to be worth it and his brace in the Manchester derby was the highlight of an otherwise low-scoring final

The result of this years final is:

One Vogue for Three FC 8 vs Three Centre Backs -2

So commiserations to Rogerio — a creditable cup run in your first FFL season, BUT CONGRATULATONS to Sam — consistently the highest scorer in every round of this years Cup.

So, well deserved. All you need to do now Sam, is keep pestering Alex to bring the trophy to this years Auction (perhaps we need to get Pickles to help find it ! — ref: 1966 world cup)

Cheers everyone — another successful FFL CUP season — here’s to next year.

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2018-04-09 10:58:46
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Results of the FFL Semis:

Sam (one Vogue for 3) 14 vs Neil (Anything but Bottom Again) 5

Rogerio (three Centre Backs) 9 vs Jamie (Zlat and the Bainesstalk) 5

So, the last of the Kirkmans fell in the semi, and Cup Favourite, Sam, marches into the final with another big score.

Rogerio makes the final in his debut season with a great win over Jamie.

So the cup final will be between Sam and Rogerio and is scheduled to take place over the weekend of 7th/8th/9th April

Good luck to both teams


The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2018-03-06 09:26:46
FFL CUP Quarter Final Results
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After last nights shock result at Watford, there have been one or two shocks of our own in FFL. Results below:

Carl (On our Way) -4 vs 3 Neil (Anything but Bottom)

Sam (One Vogue, etc) 15 vs 5 Tilly (All Stars)

Rogerio (Three Centre Backs) 10 vs 8 Ben (As Mkhitar gently weeps)

Jamie (Zlat and the Beanstalk) 6 vs 2 Alex (Title No 7)

So, Rogerio turns around a losing position at half time to overcome Ben’s challenge (which means that Ben misses out on a 3rd consecutive final)

Sam establishes himself as Cup favourite with a stunning 15 points scored and a big ten point margin over Tilly

Neil, as sole surviving Kirkman in the Cup, manages scrape into the semis - Come on you Kirkmans !

Jamie beats Alex so that Sir Alex will be trophy-less for the first time in a year or two ! What is the world coming to !

Semi finals will be played over the weekend of Saturday/ Sunday/Monday 3rd/4th and 5th March and matches will be between:

Sam vs Neil

Rogerio vs Jamie

Best of luck to the four teams left in it


The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2018-02-06 09:27:06
FFL Cup Quarter Finbal matches
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The matches for the Quarter Finals of the FFL Cup are below.

These matches will be played over the Premier League weekend of 3rd/4th/5th February

On our way (Carl)
Anything but Bottom (Neil)

One Vogue for Three FC (Sam)
Tilly's All Stars (Tilly)

Three Centre Backs (Rogerio)
As Mkhitar Gently weeps (Ben)

Zlat and the Baines Stalk (Jamie)
Hart Throws Title No 7 (Alex)

Good Luck to all of the teams (and to the scorer !!)

Posted: 2018-01-04 12:50:17
FFL Cup 1st Round Results
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After an exciting, tense, final match last night the results of the 1st Round FFL Cup matches are in:

Rob Coffin Dodgers 0
vs vs
Carl On our way 7

Neil Anything but Bottom 5
vs vs
Will Will's Team 0

Sam One Vogue for Three FC 9
vs vs
Ed Radio Lacazette Player 8

Ray Free Full Backs 2
vs vs
Tilly Tilly's All Stars 6

Rogerio Three Centre Backs 8
vs vs
Alistair Not Very Neigbourly -1

Bodhinaga Title Number-4 9
vs vs
Ben As Mkhitar Gently weeps 10

Ted Rince Aid 4
vs vs
Jamie Zlat and the Baines Stalk 6

Alex Hart Throws Title No-7 9
vs vs
Jenny Blades of Glory Can do it -3

So in the repeat of last years final Ben comes out on top in a close match, and last years winner (Bodhinaga) falls at the first fence

Likewise, this year’s current league leader (Ted) goes out and Jamie proceeds to the quarter finals

In the match that caused the flurry of Whatsapp texts last night, Sam comes through by a single point as two-times winner in recent years (Ed) gets the taste of defeat.

Rob’s non-team gets what it deserves and bids a sorry goodbye to this years FFL, as Carl goes through to the Quarters

The other winners were: Neil, Alex, Rogerio and Tilly.


The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2018-01-04 12:46:03
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