The Final League Table for 2004

PosTeam NameOwner NameTotal PointsTotal GoalsTotal AssistsTotal Clean SheetsTotal Goals Against
WinnerTurn the other LoftusTed369515848155
2ndOkocha All-StarsTilly338364163140
3rdLong PantsRay307423066169
4thOne Vogue For Three FC PLCSam294654122114
5thZlat and the Baines-stalksJamie273383651175
6thTitle number 6Alex273272956116
7thAFC BobRob267354145134
8thHenry At LastNeil25343401864
9thPortion Of ChipsTomTerry200363045228
10thFree Full BacksBen147272032156
11thA Mahrez a DayBodhinaga
12thHappy Nappies F.C.Freddie
13thThe Centreback's Holding, the Striker's SuccessJenn
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