The Final League Table for 2009

PosTeam NameOwner NameTotal PointsTotal GoalsTotal AssistsTotal Clean SheetsTotal Goals Against
WinnerLong PantsRay366524858154
2ndDan Pet RescuersTilly345614446161
3rdBottom Again F.C.Neil344584144117
4thHart Throws Title No 7Alex334514246116
5thTitle Number 4Bodhinaga318514246146
6thBlades of Glory Can do itJenn28443254595
7thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa debola!Jamie279354342101
8thAs Mkhitar Gently WeepsBen25539303368
9thRince AidTed240513927141
10thSir BobbyRob15724202259
11thDancing In The StreetsSam144113836163
12thBBC NewsBBC
13thHappy Nappies F.C.Freddie
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