The Final League Table for 2012

PosTeam NameOwner NameTotal PointsTotal GoalsTotal AssistsTotal Clean SheetsTotal Goals Against
WinnerIwobi Wan KohnobiAlex264166442934
2ndAthleticorona MadridBodhinaga262198473728
3rdTilly's All-StarsTilly247205381847
4thLong PantsRay228228382642
5thIt’s Tough at the TopTed228227282647
6th6 Times F.C.Neil204158343454
7thNet Spend FCSam135138101559
8thPepe’s Pizza FCBen130130232033
9thHenderson’s Relish FC (reincarnated!)Jenn115112131955
10thThe Brexit BoysJamie747141733
11thWord SaladRob642379
12thGini's bottlersAlistair
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