The Final League Table for 2015

PosTeam NameOwner NameTotal PointsTotal GoalsTotal AssistsTotal Clean SheetsTotal Goals Against
WinnerJamie Vardy’s Having A Party FCSam325256703335
2ndTilly's All-StarsTilly284240433149
3rdFreddy HardestAlex282265464935
5thScissored Pizzas FCAlistair262246343541
6thPlease LuizBodhinaga248218463233
7thDen's MenBen230232313427
8thAnything but bottom again FCNeil204182362423
9thBrooks will tear you apart f.cJenn1662272033102
10thIt’s Tough at the TopTed162151192643
11th10 and a half menChris158145241231
13thLong PantsRay149230193431
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