The Final League Table for 2018

PosTeam NameOwner NameTotal PointsTotal GoalsTotal AssistsTotal Clean SheetsTotal Goals Against
WinnerPepe’s Pizza FCBen384534964160
2ndNet Spend FCSam307514142137
3rdTeam NameRogerio30541414063
4thIwobi Wan KohnobiAlex29764382696
5thHenderson’s Relish FC (reincarnated!)Jenn29341413770
8thTilly's All-StarsTilly271522244160
9thThe Brexit BoysJamie249553620121
10thNot Really Shaw FCBodhinaga230332647131
11th6 Times F.C.Neil224394222111
12thGini's bottlersAlistair183413018104
13thIt’s Tough at the TopTed177242540154
14thWord SaladRob166432024149
15thLong PantsRay1593428212
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