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After another round of exciting FFL Matches, the semi finals have been decided as follows:

Make De Gea (Sam) 4 vs 7 Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Coste Less... (Alistair) 1 vs 6 Ramsey’s Nightmares (Ed)

So in the Kohn Derby, Sam’s reliance on the Man City forward line floundered at Anfield (come on you Reds) where the Sky blues where BLITZED (am I going over the top here ?).

So Ben moves into another FFL Final, where he will take on the current Cup Holder Ed, who prospered at the expense of Alistair (reliant on Man City midfield which was BLITZED at Anfield last night, and Coutinho who didn’t play).

So the final will be between:

Free FullBacks (Ben) vs Ramsey’s Nightmares (Ed)

and will take place over the weekend of 1st/2nd April. Good luck to both teams.


the FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-03-03 09:09:55
What Does Title Mean?
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the semi-finals of the FFL cup are scheduled to be played over the next two nights (1st/2nd March).

Matches are:

Make De Gea (Sam) versus Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa Less (Alistair) versus Ramseys Nightmares (Ed)

Results will be published on Thursday 3rd March - Good Luck Teams......

The FFL Committee

Posted: 2016-03-01 15:37:33
FFL 1/4 Final Results!!!
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So the results are in. There were some closely contested matches %u2026 and some teams got battered.

The tie of the round was played between Tilly and Ben, where a solitary point saw Ben's Free Fullbacks triumphant. 10 - 11.

Henderson's Relish%u2026your boys took one hell of a beating. Sam presiding over a rout 20-4.

The other ties saw Alistair edge past Carl and a more comfortable route to the semis for Cup Holder, Ed, versus Chris - the promise of a wembley semi-final in his first season must have got to Chris' Ten and Half Men.

Hendersons Relish (Jenny) 4 vs 20 Make De Gea (Sam)

Tillys All Stars 10 vs 11 Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa Less... (Alistair) 6 vs 3 Carl FC

Ten and a half men (Chris) 6 vs 11 Ramseys Nightmares (Ed)

So the semifinals are as follows. Ted will confirm the dates of the semis either from his sun lounger on his cruise ship, or more likely when he gets home.

Sam vs Ben (a Kohn v Kohn grudge match)
Alistair vs Ed (can Ed make it 2 finals in his first 2 seasons?).

All the best from Bodhinaga
Honorary Member, FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-02-04 19:53:28
FFL Cup Quarterfinals
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Fellow Managers,

I hope the FA Cup has whet your appetites for the real action to follow over the next few days...

Yes, that's right. As Ted is sunning himself on a luxury cruise ship, the job has fallen to me to officiate over the FFL Quarter finals. I can feel the power going to my head already.

You will remember that the line up is as follows:

Hendersons Relish (Jenny) vs Make De Gea (Sam)

Tillys All Stars vs Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa Less... (Alistair) vs Carl FC

Ten and a half men (Chris vs Ramseys Nightmares (Ed)

Matches will take place over the period Tuesday/Wednesday 2nd/3rd February.

May the best teams win%u2026or failing that, the ones that pay me the most money.

Good luck%u2026

Posted: 2016-01-31 22:08:59
Cup Upset
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Apologies to Ben, who is of course a Kohn. (I forgot that there were so many of them).

Two Kohns left in Cup !!

Posted: 2016-01-04 13:24:04
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Another exciting weekend of Cup football, throws out the usual shocks with a couple of the lower teams progressing at the expense of more established FFL Teams.

Full List of 1st Round results is:

Make De Gea..... (Sam) 4 vs Jonny FC (Jonny) -3

3 wishes for the Deeney (Alex) 2 vs Tillys All Stars (Tilly) 6

Anything but Bottom (Neil) 5 vs Free Fullbacks (Ben) 10

Mata of Fact (Bodhinaga) 6 vs Carl FC 7

Ten and a Half Men (Chris) 6 vs Long Pants (Ray) 5

Bloo-MINS-uperb (Ted) 0 vs Ramseys Nightmares (Ed) 3

So Alex takes an early bath, as does Ray to leave Sam as the only Kohn left in the Cup.
The Kirkman’s fared little better with Ted, Neil, and Bodhinaga all falling at the first Hurdle. Jenny (who got a bye) is the only Kirkman left in the Cup.

Reigning Cup holder Ed (Ramsey’s Nightmares) progressed into the quarter finals with an easy 3-0 win over Bloo-MINGS-uperb (Ted) who for the rest of the season will be known as Bloo-MINGS-hite.

The matches for the Quarter Final round will be:

Hendersons Relish (Jenny) vs Make De Gea (Sam)

Tillys All Stars vs Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa Less... (Alistair) vs Carl FC

Ten and a half men (Chris vs Ramseys Nightmares (Ed)

Matches will take place over the period Tuesday/Wednesday 2nd/3rd February.

I am away on Holiday then, so Bodhinaga has agreed to take on the arduous task of keeping the scores and informing everyone of the results.. Thanks.

Happy New Year to everyone.

All the best

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-01-04 13:21:00
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Gentlemen (and Lady),

The first round draw for the 2015/16 FFL Cup was made today — the home teams drawn out of Ted’s Adidas Cap By Barb’s left hand, and the away teams by Barb’s right hand. How’s that for fairness ?

With fourteen teams entering the cup this year, it’s bigger and better than ever. The draw is as follows:

Hendersons Relish (Jenny) gets a Bye into the Quarter finals

Make De Gea......(Sam) vs Jonny FC (Jonny)

3 Wishes from the Deeney (Alex) vs Tillys All Stars (Tilly)

Anything but Bottom (Neil) vs Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa less than Sterling gets a bye into the Quarter Finals

Mata of Fact (Bodhinaga) vs Carl FC (Carl)

Ten and a half Men (Chris) vs Long Pants (Ray)

Bloo-MINGS-uperb (Ted) vs Ramsey’s Midfield Nightmares (Ed)

That concludes the draw for the 1st round of the FFL Cup......

So Cup Holder, Ed, was last out of the hat and will play relegation fodder, Ted. A dream draw for Ramsey’s Nightmares.

The big match of the 1st round will be Alex at home to league leader Tilly — one of the big boys has to go in round 1 !!!

First round matches will be played over the weekend of Saturday 2nd January thru Sunday 3rd January.

May the best team (s ) win.

Have a happy Christmas, everyone, and a successful, healthy and peaceful new year, from all on the FFL Cup Committee (Ted and Barb)

Posted: 2015-12-21 11:59:00
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Great night. A marathon of an oction. May the best team win.

Posted: 2015-08-08 00:22:16
My Team
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S Romero
B Ivanovic
N Taylor
C Smalling
T Alderweireld
S Naismith
C Adam
J Lens
N Chadli
R Lukaku
G Pelle SOT

Posted: 2015-08-07 23:45:29
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To confirm what everyone already seemed to know, we must congratulate Ed on winning the FFL Cup in his debut year, and bringing Tilly’s two year (almost) unbeaten run to an end.

Tilly’s All-Stars managed 8 points ( Stones with a clean sheet for Everton, and Sanchez (the bastard !) with a goal and assist for Arsenal against the mighty Liverpool.

Ed’s Variose Baines managed a massive 14 points (Begovic —1, Koscielny 1, Baines 3 Jagielka 6 and Hazard 5).

So the final score was

Tilly’s All-stars 8 vs Ed’s Varicose Baines 14

With the situation so close at the top of the league, who would bet against the double for Ed ?
With seven matches left the difference between top (Alex on 222 points) and fourth (Ted on 215 points) is a mere seven points. In between Tilly (218) and Ed (215) are well placed, so it could go to any of the four teams. Exciting or what !

Once again congratulations to Ed - a great result.

All the Best

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2015-04-07 19:07:35

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